"Neutral Position (Standing UP):"

Single Leg Take Down (Shoot at outside leg, step knee, pivot behind and have head on front (inside), pick up leg, if you shoot to the right side, after you pick up leg, your right hand will be on thigh and your left hand on ankle, then trip. There are other variations also. 

Double Leg Take Down (shoot at opponent, "step knee", you want your shooting leg in deep between his two legs, with your head to the outside. You butt off the mat, two arms around thighs, pick him up, drivng him to the mat use your head to drive his body also. If you cannot pick him up, use the back heel trip. Do not go to your belly when taking shots. If you take a bad shot get out. If he tries to spin behind you turn with him and put your arms up to stop him. Don't give up easy takedowns.

Duck Under (on tie -up, one hand is on neck, other hand on arm, get control with hand on elbow, post arm so you can get under it (duck) and shoot to outside leg while pulling his head to the matt

Tie-Ups (one hand on head, other hand on biceps, rotate or pummel to get control). Be strong in your tie-ups, don't let him control you. You take control, you move him, get your angles.

Barrel Roll from single leg shot (grab his arm "the one he tries to crossface you with"
grab arm above elbow and hold tight, pull under while scooting your hips and coming around, control elbow the whole time "DO NOT LET GO OF THIS ARM", SLap the mat with other arm and come under shoulder, arm control elbow slip through and keep it locked on chest. If it is done right you can wave to your parents.
If he turns and you lose control of elbow, go to headlock "must have an arm" the hand that was controlling elbow will slip under head and lock with other hand that was under shoulder.

Cement Job (have pressure on his head, one hand circles head and catches chin, other hand goes under arm and across back :keep pressure on: control head and with other hand whip him to his back "it is not a push" throw him, make a muscle with whipping arm to control his arm, squeeze his head and if he is not going down, turn your hips and pull up on his head to get shoulders down.

Sprawl: When wrestler shoots on you, you must get legs back, if he get a leg, puch down on his head or crossface him and spin behind. When you spin, block his arm so he can't defend with it. Go under arms.

TAKING SHOTS (Circle, get angle, lower your level, penetrate)

"Offensive Moves (top wrestler)"

We control our opponents by being under the arms. Look for hand control and break man down. YoU HAVE TWO HANDS AND THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE CONTROLLING OPPONENTS. Don't reach over top unless you are hooking up cradles. You will get too high and loose control.

Tight Waist Near Arm (chop arm and and pull into space alongside you :pull at hips:
do not pull him on top of you, when you chop arm you must move your body to create space.

Tight Waist Far Ankle (the side you are starting on reach over and grab far ankle, other hand goes under waist, drive at an angle across shoulders.

Spiral Ride (take your arm on elbow and go under arm in acircular motion to create a space or break opponent to the mat.

Two on One (two hands on one, good wrist control, you can go to you two on one tilt with this also, pressuirng opponent forward, driving him to his back.

Indiana Hook (from referee side, put the hand you had on waist to his inside thigh, take hand that was on elbow, go under body and grab far arm above elbow, pull arm toward you while lifting thigh (dump him) do not go over too far when doing the dump, you should be on your knees,  the hand that you pulled the elbow with will encircle head and lock this hand up with other on on the thigh to get your cradle, take him to his back and go up on your toes. (when you pull him under and lock it up, it is basically a head in the side cradle, take him to his back.

Cross-face Cradle (post hand in crotch,take other hand and go across face and lock on shoulder, take head to leg and lock hand that was posted in crotch on wrist. Do not take hand off of shoulder unless you arms are too short to reach to get lock. You want this tight.

One on One in the half (break man down, get your one on one, slip other hand under arm and on head for half, "when turning him over your shoulder should be lower"
if you shoulder is too high, settle in and re-position, do take hi over in a bad half, if you rush it you will lose it if your half is not deep. Keep arm tight to body and drive half, if you have trouble turning him, step to the head, keep driving.

Tight Waist Half Nelson (break man down, hand that was on belly slip around waist, hand on elbow move to half nelson, drive and turn him over. When driving half always have you shoulder lower than him, sink it deep. It should be real tight.

Lincoln/Sullivan (take arm that was around waist and slip it onto opponents inside arm, above the elbow, while you control his wrist. Tilt him back and keep your knee in his Butt.

3/4 Nelson: Break man down, be under the arms, put half in and put pressure on his neck (have your leg between his and lock you inside leg on his) when he come up, take your other arm and reach under to lock your hand on his head (you must do this quickly, lock your hands and pull his head under while you walk his leg to the head * do not let your leg come unlocked,* his leg will have a tendency to rise, keep your leg tight to the mat. If you ever feel someone puttting this move on you, you must flatten out and look away, and quickly get out of a bad situation.

Cradles: Man laying on back (put arm under head, put other arm between legs and under far leg, lock both hands together, (on wrist to tighten it up), then have chest on his and go to toes. Lock cradle tight, put a lot of pressure on opponent.

Head in the side Cradle: Man is laying on side towards you, put arm around head (arm goes over and around head, other arm goes over leg and under, lock both hands together, put head in side to help turn him over, once over, squeeze cradle tight, pressure on chest and go to toes. (be strong, do not let opponent go)

Short sit cradle: Reach over head with with one arm (keeping pressure on him) take other arm under leg and lock on arm that is over head, snap him back to the side (do not pull him on you) get your lower leg knee in his side, get his shoulder down, use your head
to get him down, put it on his shoulder and near head, keep your hips turned so you are not on your back.

Stand-up Cradle: Same as short sit. He stands up in a bad position, out side leg, one closest to you. Reach over head, pressure head to knee, lock under knee with other hand and on arm that is over shoulder. Snap him back, get your lower knee to his side, work cradle, adjusting and getting shoulder down. Use your head on shoulder and control his head. Keep hips turned, watch your back.

Bottom Moves:
Never look into a half, always look away. Fight half off, if you get caught on your back punch through to your belly, you can bridge and punch through also. As soon as you get off your back start moving.

Switch (cross hands in front away from opponent, sit through, hand goes over arm and into crotch, "keep other hand posted on mat to keep balance, do not let him get this arm, scoot hips and come around, break opponent down.

Stand-Up (bring leg up that is closest to opponent and get an angle, "butt off of mat"
inside hand should be your block, your outside hand you should grab opponents hand that was around your waist. Stand up with block and hand control. Be in a crotched wrestling stance "not straight up", post hand to side and cut back. Get in good stance and move quickly so you don't get taken down. "Always explode from bottom, don't give opponent time to do a move on you.

Sit Out (right foot up sit through, come around. left foot up sit through come around
Always look for hand control. 

Floating drill (right foot up sit through, left shoulder, left foot up sit through right shoulder. Top man should underhook when floating and ride hips. Make man carry your weight.

Peterson ( sit out with wrist, turn in and roll "do not go to your belly, stay in a ball"
roll him catching the leg "inside, closest to you", lock the hand around his leg on opponents wrist along with other hand, sit there and raise hips off of mat, do not lean back, get your back points before tring to go for a headlock if it is there:
Too many time we will reach for the head and get no points.

Wrist Roll (grab wrist around waist and roll to your side, do not go to your belly,
you can use your foot as a lever to kick him over, shift hips and fo into a Navy Ride (hand is in crotch and under leg.

Basic Cradle (opponent is on back, take one arm under head, take other hand through crotch and lock both hands together, go up on toes.

Look away (when opponent puts a half on you, look away, pinch his arm to mat, don't let him raise your shoulder, Never, Never look into the half. When he is driving you turn your hips and move your body away from him.

Starting from Neutral, One man takes other man down, the man who was taken down stands up and takes opponent down, we keep going back and forth.
When starting from bottom the man who stands up will be the one doing the takedowns. This drill is constant movement with no breaks, as soon as you stand up, you face your opponent.

Do shadow drilling. Make believe you are wrestling your opponent, drill your moves.

Notre Dame scrimmage vs Belivedere

Click here to view Patrick Kolis execute the Peterson move.